Endometriosis is a chronic disease characterised by the growth of endometrial tissue (the inner lining of the uterus) in locations outside the uterus (ectopic). The consequences of this abnormal growth are severe pelvic pain and fertility problems.

The diagnosis of endometriosis is especially difficult because the symptoms are often confused with menstruation. For this reason, women who suffer intense and long-lasting pelvic pain are advised to consult a professional to find out what their cause is.

If you have endometriosis or you think you may have it, you can solve your doubts by the hand of a specialized professional, next March 26th. Dr. Carmona, gynaecologist at the Hospital Clínic, will answer live to the questions that users send through this questionnaire and the hospital's social networks.

Endometriosis in numbers

  • 1 in 10
    women of childbearing age has endomertiosis
  • 1st cause
    of chronic pelvic pain