About us

PortalCLÍNIC is a dynamic and continuously evolving platform driven by Fundación BBVA.

Its purpose is to transfer to society all the knowledge that emerges from Hospital Clínic de Barcelona on issues regarding people’s health.

The information in PortalCLÍNIC is created by Hospital Clínic health professionals, patients and their relatives. This collaboration ensures the tool is familiar, reliable and accessible to all audiences.

Hospital Clínic of Barcelona is a public university hospital with a century-old history. With a workforce of 4,500 professionals, it is one of the biggest medical care centres in Spain and a leader in scientific output. It offers quality care, biomedical research of the highest competitive level and is highly committed to the training of its professionals. All this is framed within the excellence of a balanced management, with the aim of providing society with leading, humanised medicine.

Fundación BBVA is an expression of BBVA Group's vocation for corporate social responsibility and, in particular, of its commitment to improve the societies in which it operates. Responsibility and commitment that have a long history of generating public resources of knowledge.

The Foundation focuses its activity on the promotion of research, advanced training and the dissemination of scientific knowledge to society, especially focusing on the analysis of emerging issues in five strategic areas: The Environment, Biomedicine and Health, Economy and Society, Basic Sciences and Technology, and Culture. Specifically within these areas, Fundación BBVA designs, develops and finances research projects; facilitates advanced and specialised training through fellowships, courses, seminars and workshops; awards prizes to researchers and professionals who have contributed significantly to the advancement of knowledge; and communicates and disseminates this knowledge through publications, debates and conferences.

Scientific Committee

PortalCLÍNIC Board Committee

  1. Dr. Josep Maria Campistol, General Director Hospital Clínic
  2. Dr. Antoni Castells, Medical Director (COMB Number 24902)
  3. Gemma Martínez, Nurse Management
  4. Dr. Francesc Figueras, Chief of Maternal Fetal Medicine Service
  5. David Font, Strategy and Planning Director
  6. Xavier Francàs, Head of the Communication and CSR Area
  7. Germán Rodríguez, Project Manager

PortalCLÍNIC Writer Committee

  1. Dr. Joan Escarrabill, Cronic Care Program
  2. Marga Jansà, Coordinator of the Information and Therapeutic Education Project for the patient, family member or caregiver.
  3. Míriam Cañas, Content Coordinator
  4. Ana Casadó, Content Coordinator
  5. Laia Sanchez, Content Manager
  6. Marc Grau, Web Manager
  7. Raimon Barba, Journalist


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