Research lines of Uveitis

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The treatment of non-infectious uveitis is linked to research and a better understanding of the causes involved in the appearance of each subtype of uveitis.

Several studies investigating biomarkers are therefore being carried out to address cases of uveitis with different severities in order to obtain an early diagnosis and personalise treatment. Current lines of research can be seen at this link.

What is more, new imaging systems should yield an activity index that may be used to evaluate the effectiveness of new treatments.         

Another key factor is the therapeutic approach to the disease. Although uveitis is primarily a condition treated by ophthalmologists, assistance from a multidisciplinary team is important in both the diagnosis and treatment.

Substantiated information by:

Alfredo Manuel Adán
Marina Mesquida
Víctor Llorens

Published: 20 February 2018
Updated: 20 February 2018


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