Brain Tumour

Lines of research on Brain Tumour

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One of the most recent lines of investigation focuses on identifying each tumour’s genetic and molecular characteristics with increasingly greater accuracy. In other words, the aim is to characterise each individual tumour in as much detail as possible so treatment can be personalised to each patient, a methodology that has proven more effective than conventional ones. It is a very complex and expensive field of research but it is gradually offering better results.

Besides the tumour’s characteristics, another very important factor in the development of brain tumour treatments is the creation of techniques that, as far as possible, only target a specific type of tumour. These revolve around medicines designed to attack a specific tumour factor or the combined use of several different drugs.

Therapies designed to modify the body’s own defence system so that it may attack and eliminate the tumour are also being developed. This is a very promising treatment line known as immunotherapy.

Substantiated information by:

Josep González
Sergio García
Verónica Mato

Published: 20 February 2018
Updated: 20 February 2018


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